Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

(Freely adapted from Victor Hugo)

For more than 20 years, the goal of the people who have joined together in the Dr. Rath Health Alliance has been, to take responsibility for their health into their own hands and to share the knowledge about the health importance of vitamins and other micronutrients with as many people as possible and, indeed, to save human lives. “Health for all” is the motto upheld by Alliance members and aptly sums up these goals.

During the two decades, the activities of the alliance were focused on informing people about scientifically based natural therapies such as cellular medicine through personal consultations and testimonials.

Now the time is right to add a multiplication effect to these activities. In December 2022, the Wall Street Journal approved a publication in which the recognition of the most important micronutrient combinations in the fight against high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and infectious diseases by the United States Patent and Trademark Office was presented to the people of the world. Important: The research, which scientifically documents the effect in relation to the vitamins and other micronutrients and the success of this combination against the most widespread common diseases, has been patented. This official recognition by a governmental authority changes everything! It also means a special responsibility for us as members of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance to share this new standard with even more people.

We can achieve the multiplication of the spreading potential of this life-saving information if we take advantage of the places where there is a lot of public activity – in the retail sector. If we offer our information for takeaway or instant reading in the places where people do their shopping, where they go out to eat, where they take advantage of leisure activities, we can reach so many people more every day, every week, every month than we could manage in a one-on-one conversations.

We are convinced that people have been waiting for such reliable information related to natural health in their organic grocery store, bakery, butcher store or favorite restaurant. We encourage all members of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance to contact the owners or operators of these establishments and present them with our informational materials. We have given this new initiative the name Alliance 2.0. In doing so, we express that all the good we have accomplished so far can be duplicated by taking advantage of new opportunities.


Our principle of “health for all” is given another facet by “health from the store”. The store also takes on a new overriding importance, namely to become an important information point for natural health. Winning the store owner over to this perspective is made much easier by our new standard of health care. The patents on our micronutrient combinations mean two engaging arguments:

  1. there has never been a micronutrient combination patented anywhere in the world.
  2. the patent authority has explicitly recognized the effect of this combination.

In addition to this new social importance in his community or city, which the store owner can take, we also offer him an attractive profit by rewarding his commitment to the distribution of the info materials, for which he has no expense.


The info materials are designed to provide easy access to the possibilities of Cellular Medicine. The uniqueness of the patented micronutrient combinations, in addition to the overwhelming research results, means an incentive for interested customers to make a purchase. From the store owner, the customer receives a discount benefit that assigns the customer to the store owner. The store owner is assigned to the alliance member and this ensures that every purchase decision is honored to the store owner and also to the consultant.

Poster GfA EN


A sustainable partnership with the store owner is created by exhausting all possibilities of reinforcement. The members of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance are well acquainted with scientifically based natural therapies. This is knowledge we all need to share. Why not simply take advantage of our new relationship with the store owner and join him in offering an info evening or a themed lecture for his customers? “Health from the store” can be filled with life so easily. This is where all the synergy effects that the Alliance members have discovered and developed in over 20 years of history can be put to use.

Everything is possible if we free ourselves from accepting limitations. A lively exchange with other consultants and consultant activities will provide additional supply of ideas.

Some time ago, we put our self-understanding as Dr. Rath Health Alliance into words. Especially the realization that it is our duty, based on our experience and knowledge, to inform people in our immediate environment and beyond and to help save lives in the last consequence found its way into the significant statement:

“Who, if not us. When, if not now!”

The new standard we have set with the publication of our patents gives this saying a new relevance. Now is the time for us to recognize our responsibility and bring the Alliance 2.0 initiative to life!