Review of the year 2020 / Outlook for the year 2021

Micronutrients as the only successful long-term way to fight the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Rapid mutation of the virus requires a completely new, global prevention strategy

  • Instead of questionable vaccination strategies against ever new coronavirus mutations – strengthening the protection of our body cells against all virus variants

  • Micronutrients as the only approach so far to inhibit all key cellular mechanisms of coronavirus infection

Dear Alliance members, dear friends

At the end of an eventful year, the future has many of us worried. Will there be mandatory  vaccinations? How long will the government-imposed social isolation last? Will schools, shops and other facilities reopen – in short, when will we able to go back to our normal lives?

This year, many members of our Alliance have noticed that public news coverage and health policy discussions have focused almost exclusively on the development of novel, patentable gene vaccines, and that proven knowledge about the health importance of natural substances, especially the significant role of micronutrients, has been systematically suppressed.

From the very beginning of this biased media coverage, many of us have identified the involvement of the pharmaceutical industry – after all, the largest investment industry on earth. What few of us have seen, however, is that the actions of this industry and its lobbyists are not a sign of strength, but that the entire industry is in a fight for survival. The future of these multi-billion-dollar economic interests is threatened by one factor in particular: the explosion of scientific knowledge about the health importance of vitamins and other micronutrients.

In almost all areas of medicine, from cardiovascular disease to cancer, it is becoming apparent that micronutrients are superior to existing pharmaceutical preparations in their mode of action and, above all, in their tolerability for patients.

A look at the world’s largest online database of biomedical articles, the U.S. government’s website, shows that no area of medicine has seen such an explosion in scientific publications as micronutrient research.

This is illustrated by the following diagrams:

Studies published on vitamins and cardiovascular diseases

Studies published on vitamins and cancer

Studies published on vitamins and infections

Studies published on vitamins and viral diseases

These diagrams give you an insight into the breathtaking progress of micronutrient research, particularly over the past decade. For our Health Alliance, this rapid increase in knowledge in the field of vitamin research and cellular medicine means that we have made impressive progress towards our goal of “Health for All”.

For the pharmaceutical investment business, by contrast, this development represents an existential threat, as it highlights the fact that, in all important areas of medicine, the role of micronutrients in the prevention and control of diseases is gaining scientific and clinical recognition.

If this rapid development continues, there will be far-reaching consequences for the world’s largest investment industry within just a few decades:

  • The collapse of the global pharmaceutical market. Pharmaceutical products are almost all patented synthetic preparations, more than 80% of which merely address symptoms without eliminating the cellular causes of disease. These patent products – whose royalties form the basis of the pharmaceutical investment business – are being systematically replaced by the superior approaches of micronutrient research, which focuses on the regulatory role of vitamins and other natural molecules in cellular metabolism. This threatens the continued existence of the world pharmaceutical market, currently worth more than 1 trillion dollars per year.
  • The loss of credibility of the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Now, as it turns out that vitamins and other natural substances are in many areas equivalent or superior to synthetic, expensive and – in nearly all cases – toxic pharmaceutical preparations, people all over the world recognize the factual business basis of the pharmaceutical industry, i.e., the “business with disease”. This endangers not only the continued existence of this industry, but also the survival of a worldwide army of lobbyists in medicine, the media and, above all, politics, through which this investment industry is still attempting to establish a worldwide monopoly on health.

In short, after more than 100 years of almost complete domination, the multi-billion-dollar “business with disease” is in a fight for survival. Its greatest threat: the breathtaking progress of global vitamin research.

It is already clear that, in the long term, this entire investment industry has no chance of survival in a democratic society. The continuation of a billion-dollar business based on the perpetuation of diseases is only possible in an economic dictatorship. This is the only way to explain the fact that, in Germany and other pharmaceutical-exporting countries, notorious pharmaceutical lobbyists sit directly at the cabinet table, i.e., the control center of political power.

And this is precisely the danger of the emergency laws proposed by these same politicians in the context of the current pandemic, which include the abrogation of even the most basic fundamental rights. These laws can be abused – even long after the end of the current pandemic – to secure the continuation of power and the continuation of the multi-million dollar “business with the disease.”

This sober analysis is a prerequisite for us to be able to correctly interpret the political events experienced in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and their social consequences. Only in this way can we understand why millions of people were deliberately deprived of the vital findings of micronutrient research to combat the coronavirus pandemic. This is the only way to understand why individuals – for example, a minister of health – can usurp powers that, bypassing parliament, can suspend the most fundamental rights for millions of people.

As a scientist who contributed crucial discoveries to the significance of micronutrients in the fight against common diseases three decades ago, and as the founder of our Health Alliance, I see it as my duty to share this sober analysis with you at the end of an eventful year.

We must recognize that the pharmaceutical industry and its opinion leaders are not acting from a position of strength, but out of weakness – they are fighting for the survival of the outdated pharmaceutical business model. This sober realization allows us to properly assess our own strength as promoters and architects of a modern, future healthcare system.

In other words, the current crisis holds a tremendous opportunity to establish micronutrient research as the foundation of the long-overdue historic shift toward health care focused on the prevention and elimination of disease.

But first, it is important to resist the threat of mandatory vaccination and to end the current coronavirus pandemic – with clarity based on scientific findings in micronutrient research.

Facts to control the coronavirus pandemic

Let us summarize the facts about the current pandemic after one year:

  1. All pharmaceutical preparations that underwent testing failed. A WHO study from fall 2020 concluded that Remdesivir and other pharmaceutical preparations tested in clinical trials had little or no effect on the mortality rate of coronavirus-infected patients.
  2. Gene-based vaccines that are now being promoted are experimental and involve the injection of genetic material from the coronavirus, wrapped in a second live virus (adenovirus), into human body cells through vaccination.
  3. Findings on the consequences of this manipulation of cell metabolism are – by their very nature – only available over a period of a few months. There can as yet be no findings on long-term consequences, including a potential change in the genetic makeup. A pandemic strategy with these gene-based vaccines is therefore associated with completely unknown risks about long-term side effects. Politicians and pharmaceutical companies know this.
  4. None of these experimental vaccines has so far been tested on patients with coronavirus infection or on coronavirus-infected individuals. Any claim that these vaccines help patients with coronavirus disease has no factual basis.
  5. Vaccines are only effective against one subtype. For each additional mutation of the coronavirus that alters the viral binding site to the human cell, another distinct vaccine must be developed.
  6. Propagation of a population-wide vaccination campaign with these experimental vaccines is based solely on fewer infections occurring in the vaccine group than in the placebo group in a fraction (about three per thousand) of patients.
  7. The only study ever to show efficacy in critically ill COVID-19 patients was carried out with high-dose vitamin C. It showed that, with a daily dose of 24 g vitamin C, the survival rate of the patients was twice as high as without vitamin C.

The fact that the results of this clinical vitamin study are no coincidence is proven by the scientific research results of our research institute.

Micronutrients regulate the body’s cells in the defense fight against coronaviruses

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our research institute in California, led by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, has aimed to develop and to scientifically prove effective natural ways to control the coronavirus pandemic. The results – as outlined below – have far-reaching implications for a successful control of the coronavirus pandemic.

The extensive study results show that certain micronutrient combinations are able to significantly or almost completely inhibit all previously known key mechanisms of coronavirus infections. These include:

  1. Significant inhibition of the binding of coronavirus binding proteins (spikes) to the “anchor” proteins of the virus (ACE2 receptors) on the surface of human cells.
  2. The significant inhibition of the production of anchoring proteins (ACE2 receptors) inside human cells at risk of viral infection.
  3. The significant inhibition of all known key proteins (enzymes) involved in the uptake of the virus and its multiplication inside human cells.

A comparison between the findings of micronutrient research and the available evidence of a gene-based vaccination approach is shown in the following image.

Comparison of micronutrients (A) and gene vaccines (B): the research results show that micronutrients inhibit all critical steps of coronavirus infection, including binding of the virus to cell surface receptors (l), their uptake into the cell (2), release of viral DNA inside the cell (3), and thus viral replication (4). Even the production (expression) of viral receptors by cells can be inhibited by more than 90% (5). Thus, micronutrients have a comprehensive regulatory role that counteracts infection of human somatic cells by coronaviruses in a complex manner (A). In contrast, gene-based vaccines primarily target the binding of the virus to the cell surface. Further targets of the gene-based vaccines inside the cell are hardly known or not known at all (B).

The details of these important research findings have been published or submitted for publication in scientific journals. They are already available worldwide in several languages, including German, on the website New research results will be added systematically.

The importance of these micronutrient research findings in the light of the rapidly mutating coronavirus

In the last days of 2020, a mutated coronavirus was detected in the UK. The mutation of this virus also affected the binding sites of the viral surface proteins (spikes) used by coronaviruses to dock onto the receptors of human cells (ACE2 receptors).

This has far-reaching consequences for attempts to control the coronavirus pandemic with vaccines alone, all of which target the spike proteins of a very specific subtype of coronavirus. If the virus mutates, the spike proteins change and the vaccines developed are barely effective, if effective at all.

Unlike vaccination strategies – all of which aim to inhibit the binding of the coronavirus to the cell surface – the micronutrient approach intervenes in cell metabolism in a regulatory manner, thereby protecting the body cells against all subtypes of the coronavirus, including those that have not yet emerged.

As already explained, micronutrients not only prevent the binding of the virus, but also lead to a significantly reduced production (expression) of the viral entry gates (ACE2 receptors). In addition, the micronutrient combinations studied significantly inhibit the entire chain of enzymes essential for the replication of the virus inside the human host cell.

Because of these “multi-target” approaches, the micronutrient strategy is already equivalent, if not superior, to a simple “single-target” vaccination for long-term control of the coronavirus pandemic – and prevention of further pandemic waves.

This superiority of a micronutrient strategy for fighting the coronavirus pandemic – including future mutant coronaviruses – is summarized in the following graphic:

Left: All vaccines approved to date to combat the pandemic are based on a specific surface protein (spike) of a particular coronavirus subtype. The goal of this vaccination strategy is to generate antibodies in the patient’s body against these specific spikes (or subsections thereof), which are intended to inhibit the docking of the virus to the body’s cells. Since this vaccine is usually only effective against one coronavirus subtype, a vaccination strategy is of little or no use against mutant coronaviruses (subtypes 2 and 3 in the diagram), as has now occurred in the UK.

Right: In contrast, the image on the right shows the superiority of a micronutrient-based strategy for controlling the pandemic. The key difference is that the focus is not on the virus and its mutants, but on protecting the body’s cells from being attacked by the coronavirus – and all of its subtypes. As research at our institute has shown, micronutrients not only inhibit the binding of the virus to the cell receptors, but also downregulate the number of cell receptors and inhibit the entire machinery of virus replication inside the cell. Micronutrient-protected cells are therefore less or no longer susceptible to coronavirus infection.

What are the implications of these micronutrient research findings in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic?

Any responsible strategy to contain the coronavirus pandemic and to prevent further pandemics caused by mutant coronaviruses must comprise the inhibition of the entire range of key mechanisms, as has been demonstrated for micronutrients.

Failure to incorporate this superior therapeutic principle into national and global pandemic response strategies will expose humanity to the same devastating consequences with each new pandemic caused by mutant coronaviruses as we experienced in 2020.

The now scientifically proven importance of micronutrients in combating even future coronavirus pandemics makes it imperative to completely reorient national and global health strategies to comprehensively prevent further pandemics.

The results of coronavirus micronutrient research now available also state that chronic micronutrient deficiency in the world population was a prerequisite for the global spread of coronavirus infections and the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyone who denies, discredits, or even opposes the importance of micronutrients in strengthening immune function and in the fight against infectious diseases – thereby contributing to the population’s deficiency of these vital substances – is partly responsible for the suffering and death of tens of thousands of people.

Should you get vaccinated with these gene-based vaccines?

As the law stands, no one can order you to be vaccinated with the novel gene-based vaccines – this is your decision alone.

Before you make this decision, however, you should be fully informed about the facts and possible consequences of such a vaccination. The most important facts in brief:

  • Gene-based vaccines are experimental procedures that will be used population wide for the first time ever in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Unlike conventional protein-based vaccines, which remain outside the cell, gene-based vaccines are specifically injected inside the cell.
  • The injected genetic material – a piece of coronavirus DNA – specifically interferes with the software (DNA or RNA) of human body cells.
  • The medium- and long-term consequences of this intervention are completely unknown.
  • Despite claims to the contrary, genetic inheritance – and thus side effects in future generations – cannot be ruled out.

Do not trust anyone who withholds these risks from you or plays them down.

How can I defend myself if vaccination becomes mandatory?

To date, the use of gene-based vaccines has been justified – despite completely unknown side effects – with the argument that there are no effective alternatives to this experimental procedure.

This is no longer the case.

As the research results of our own institute and numerous other research institutions show, micronutrient strategies are an equivalent or superior strategy.

This fact has concrete consequences for every person who does not want to expose themselves to the risks of a gene-based vaccination strategy:

  • At the time of writing, no one can be vaccinated against their will anymore.
  • No one can any longer be forced to be vaccinated, for example by restricting travel or participation in sporting and cultural events.
  • Such measures are not only illegal but also morally reprehensible, since they are based on the pretense of false facts, namely that there are no alternatives.

Anyone who is to be coerced to be vaccinated against his or her will should take legal action.

In such legal proceedings, you can of course make full use of the scientific findings of our research team – as well as the multitude of other scientific and clinical studies.

Who should you trust?

Considering the wide range of opinions that we hear in the context of the pandemic discussion, it is not surprising that many people no longer know whom to believe.

My only advice in this situation is: trust those who can convincingly answer the obvious questions in the context of the current pandemic; do not believe those who evade or simply ignore these questions.

These include such obvious questions as:

  • Why is the COVID-19 pandemic limited to us humans (Homo sapiens)? Why can animals become infected with coronaviruses, and yet not fall ill or die as a result?
    Answer: Unlike humans, most animal species can produce large amounts of vitamin C naturally in the body, up to 20 grams per day, based on human body weight. Vitamin C is one of the most important protective factors against viral and other infections.
  • Why – apart from the cells of the alveoli (alveolar cells) – is the endothelial cell layer of the entire vascular system the cell type that is preferentially infected by coronaviruses – a fact that accounts for the rapid spread of the virus and the infestation of almost all organs?
    Answer: Vitamin C is also crucial for the production of collagen and other stability molecules that give the blood-vessel wall its principal strength. Because our body is incapable of synthesizing its own vitamin C and is almost always vitamin-C deficient, we humans develop microscopic gaps between the endothelial cells that serve as entry ports for the coronaviruses.

While these questions and answers are immediately comprehensible to everyone, they are deliberately ignored by the so-called “experts” from industry and politics. The reason for this is that the answers to these important questions would lead directly to a causal prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic with the help of micronutrients.

Responsible politics for the protection of health and life – or crimes against humanity

One question arises for many of us: how can it be that high-ranking politicians ignore or even deny the vital knowledge of micronutrient research in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic – often against their better judgment? The answer to this question leads us not into the world of conspiracy theories, but into the world of economics and the immeasurable greed of large corporations.

Over the past century, the pharmaceutical industry has been developed by interested financial circles into one of the largest and most lucrative investment business on earth. Current annual turnover: more than one trillion dollars. Marketplace: human diseases. Return on investment: patented synthetic drugs. Biggest threat: non-patentable natural remedies, especially vitamins and other micronutrients. Number of lobbyists: several times the number of parliamentarians.

This is the only way to explain the fact that pharmaceutical lobbyists sit at the cabinet table of the German government, where they represent the interests of these business circles. The most prominent example at present is Jens Spahn, who – as Minister of Health – plays a major role in determining coronavirus policy in Germany and Europe.

It is legitimate for a government to do everything in its power to get to grips with the coronavirus crisis by developing new therapeutic methods, including vaccines. What is not legitimate – indeed, it is downright iniquitous –  is when these politicians deliberately withhold effective, side-effect-free and immediately available natural therapies from the people, or even publicly discredit them. Politicians who do this endanger the health and lives of millions of people under the guise of alleged care for the population.

For this reason, I have decided to file a criminal complaint against Jens Spahn, with the Bonn Public Prosecutor’s Office, for all possible offenses, in particular the realization of § 323c of the German Criminal Code (StGB) and the realization of offenses arising from guarantor liability, in particular §§ 212 and 223 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) by omission (§ 13 StGB) as well as § 222 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) (negligent homicide) and § 229 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) (negligent bodily injury).

I ask you to read through this criminal complaint and share it with friends and acquaintances.

If you wish to support this complaint, please use the contact information provided in the complaint to let the court know that you are backing it. Please send me a copy of your letter to the court at

The significance of this criminal complaint reaches far beyond the borders of Germany

Today, the exchange of knowledge in all areas of society, including medicine, no longer knows any geographical boundaries. In the age of the Internet and global communication, trying to block the rapid growth of knowledge in the field of micronutrient research by national measures – limited to Germany, for example – is doomed to failure right from the start. Jens Spahn knows this.

For this reason, the German Health Minister, together with the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Julia Klöckner, is trying to extend his anti-micronutrient campaign to the whole of Europe. Through the Brussels-based EU, Europe-wide laws and regulations are to be launched that will make it more difficult for the more than 500 million people in Europe to have unrestricted access to vitamins and other micronutrients – contrary to all scientific findings on the health significance of these natural substances.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Julia Klöckner boasted that she had already recruited politicians from 17 other European countries to support these unscrupulous plans. She even published a list of the names and functions of these politicians.

The crusade of Jens Spahn and his political comrades-in-arms, Klöckner (constituency BASF), Karl Lauterbach (constituency Bayer) and Renate Künast (Codex Alimentarius proponent), is thus part of the measures to protect economic interests of the pharmaceutical-exporting country Germany. If this crusade against micronutrients is successful, people all over Europe will pay the price with their health – and ultimately with their lives.

People throughout the European Union would therefore do well to spread this important information further in their countries and to join the criminal complaint against Mr. Spahn, regardless of which European country they live in.

The following facts will play an important role in these trials all over the world.

  1. All currently promoted vaccines target the binding proteins (spikes) of the first variant coronavirus, which they use to dock onto the surface of cells to infect them.
  2. The goal of this vaccine strategy is to block these binding sites of the coronavirus spikes by antibodies that are produced in the patient’s body after vaccination
  3. A mutation of the coronavirus – as in the variant first seen in the UK – also targets the binding sites of the virus.
  4. This means that all vaccines developed against the previous variant of the coronavirus can provide little or no protection against this mutated coronavirus.
  5. Furthermore, any future mutation of the coronavirus inevitably carries the risk that the vaccines developed against the previous variants of the coronavirus will no longer offer any protection to the population.
  6. With each new mutation of the coronavirus, humanity is exposed to the risk of another pandemic, with all of the health, economic, and social consequences that humanity is enduring in the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. All coronavirus variants – the currently known and the future mutations – use the same cellular entry ports (ACE2 receptors) on the surface of our body cells to infect the body, as well as the same biological “enzyme mechanism” for virus replication inside the cell. It is obvious that the only effective and scientifically meaningful strategy to protect against pandemics caused by future coronavirus mutations must focus on inhibiting these infection pathways at the surface and inside our somatic cells.
  8. In order to prevent future coronavirus pandemics, a fundamental reorientation of medical-scientific research is needed, beyond the attempt to block a single coronavirus variant, towards a new therapeutic goal: strengthening the defense of our body’s cells to protect them against infection by any coronavirus mutation.
  9. If we succeed in inhibiting the key cellular mechanisms that all coronavirus variants must overcome to cause infection, then the way will be paved for effective prevention against all coronavirus variants, even those that have not yet appeared.
  10. These key mechanisms are: a) inhibition of the production of the receptors (ACE2) on the surface of human cells; b) inhibition of the binding of the coronavirus to these surface receptors; c) inhibition of coronavirus entry into the cells; and d) inhibition of the entire cellular machinery responsible for the propagation of the virus inside the body’s cells.
  11. Currently, the only scientifically proven way to achieve the inhibition of all these mechanisms simultaneously is through specifically developed combinations of micronutrients.
  12. In the light of these findings, claims that the currently promoted vaccines – developed against a single coronavirus variant – can achieve control of the coronavirus pandemic are no longer scientifically tenable. A prescribed compulsory vaccination with such vaccines is therefore to be rejected, for scientific and legal reasons.

The clear facts and compelling logic can be understood by all parties involved in a legal proceeding – plaintiffs, lawyers, judges – anywhere on earth. Even more, no proponent of compulsory vaccination can refute these facts.

This factual situation should encourage people all over the world who oppose compulsory vaccination to actively help to bring about this global educational process – including legal steps.

The important role of the Dr. Rath Health Alliance

Particularly in view of the coronavirus mutations that have now appeared, the results of the serial studies carried out at our research institute this year on the paramount role of micronutrient combinations in combating the pandemic cannot be overestimated.

With these findings, humanity has a unique opportunity to prevent future coronavirus infections.

This groundbreaking research was not subsidized by taxpayer dollars, but was made possible solely by you – the members and friends of our Health Alliance.  

What matters now is that we all use our strength to spread this knowledge quickly. To do so, use this review/outlook and the arguments of the criminal complaint against Jens Spahn.

What is at stake is nothing more or less than the opportunity to use the current global crisis to establish micronutrients as the foundation of preventive health on a global scale and to spare future generations from preventable common diseases.

Let’s make 2021 our year!

Yours sincerely

Dr. Matthias Rath